Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Mulder is at the vet having his surgery - so while we (anxiously) await until we can get him home, here are some fun pictures...

Met up with former foster Mina for a fun day at WestCrest park this Saturday... They all had so much fun... They got along well and enjoyed meeting all the other dogs... After about 2 hours, Skinner got a little cranky (reminded me of an overtired toddler) and started running up to all the dogs and barking at them and too soon it was time to go.  But before then, all had a good time.  Meeting dogs, playing chase and just having a good time.  

I love this picture of Mina and Mulder.. Their tails are so cute!
I call this playing bitey butt - haha.. it's what it looks like!

 I loveed this dog! Mulder too.. They played and chased hard!  Lots of fun for the both of them. 

Little Scully came for a visit too!  I think the park was a bit overwhelming for her and Mulder was too busy playing to really give her the time of day.  But she let Cassie hold her and we enjoyed seeing how well she is doing with her new mom!

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