Friday, May 1, 2015

Cute and Crazy

My favorite picture of Skinner to date... It's a come hither look...
but I think of it more as a Come Adopt Me" look!

He's doing really well.  He can still be nervous, startled and run away, but he knows that it's treat time when he potties outside and he comes to us for cuddles and belly rubs.

And Mulder...come see him go bananas for a used bounced sheet and a buffalo horn; that's all it takes sometimes I guess...boy can be crazy :)
Crazy Mulder!

Okay... so Mulder was in the bathroom messing with the toilet paper so Cassie decided to dress him up a bit... It doesn't look like he was impressed with her fashion sense at... However, Skinner was trying to be helpful by pulling it off of him..   He hasn't messed with the tp since!

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