Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Time to meet the Public!

A short trip to Pet Pantry once again.  We brought two dogs, but we came for cat food!   Good news... Skinner did great on this short trip, back and forth with no ill effects (but the drive is only about 10 minutes).  He is really becoming more outgoing and trusting... He was interested and enjoyed following Mulder around who wanted to sniff every square inch of the store!  I was hoping the store dog, Spot was there, but he had the day off!  But it was alll good.. it's a nice, small, low key store for both dogs to have a positive experience.

 Mulder of course was wanting to meet, great and mack on anyone that would let him... Skinner held back, but Tonya at the pet store stayed down and let Skinner come to her... She didn't make eye contact and just pet him on his sides and he was really enjoying it... It's nice when someone recognizes the difference personalities and needs that each dog has!  It was a really positive experience for Skinner and I think he was quite smitten with her!

The boys too are starting to play and I saw a brief zoomie from Skinner yesterday!

Here is a video I forgot to include yesterday  Mulder and Skinner playing

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