Monday, April 27, 2015

The boys!

I just love Mulder's little tuff's on the side of his neck... His wings... LOL  -  His spot on his face is healing ever so slowing, but getting better which is great.  He's busy and playing and enjoying the playtime he is getting from Mulder (me too!), he's feeling good I can tell and getting healthier everyday. 

 Skinner is doing well.... He's starting to relax while he sleeps and he's coming up to us for loves and treats... it's still on his terms which is fine, i'm happy that he is learning to trust us... I'm hoping his neuter surgery on Tuesday doesn't back up the trust we have built to much, but it's gotta be done... Once healed and up to date on his vaccinations, it'll be time to visit the dog park! 

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