Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skinner Vet Visit

Skinner is busy healing from his neuter surgery.  He was pretty out of it when I took him home but as soon as he saw my house, he was all about getting in there as fast as possible and perked right up!  He then earned himself the cone in record time and I think he will be wearing it for a few days while he heals up.   :) He's also knows how to use the doggie stairs and uses them rather than jumping on the bed... which is great to not have a jumper especially after surgery.  He's also started asking me to pick him the trust is building with this shy little guy.
 The day before surgery enjoying the warm sun

 Mulder helped himself to the cozy donut Costco bed while I was doing some crafty things... I think he figured out I was going to be there for a while so he might as well get a snooze in!  (smart boy!)

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