Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Skinner is here!

So Skinner is here!  He was pretty tired when he got here and worn out probably from all the car sickness he had during transport, so he was pretty mellow...  He's pretty shy around people so we are letting him be as much as possible and getting him to come up to us for treats..Petting him when he allows it, he loves it.. But if he thinks your going to grab him, he runs away.   It's working and he's coming around and looking to us for attention... We are just going at his pace... Cassie even got a snuggle nap from him today so forward movement! 

He is very interested in Mulder and visa versa and they are figuring each other out... Turns out while Mulder doesn't like squeaker toys, Skinner does.. especially tearing out the squeakers , which he has manged to do to 3 toys so far... He even managed to get out the noise maker from the AFLAC duck... So sorry duckie!  Luckily, Mulder still loves it noiseless :) 
 Skinner is a good 6 months, he's got himself some short little legs, but he can still jump where ever he needs too... Mulder is having to learn to share, he's quite used to having the attention I think and when Skinner got a treat of his, he wasn't meant to him, but came to us whining (loudly) about it, being a drama king...  I'm hoping they will be good for each other and I know they both enjoy the playtime that is starting to happen.

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