Friday, April 17, 2015

Mulder's Week of Fun

So busy week for Mulder...

Another trip to the vet... He's has a bit of a fungal infection (ringworm) on his face... I've been trying to treat it with cream and shampoo but he keeps licking it off his muzzle - so we had to switch him to an oral medication which he's been on a few days.  This will hopefully clear it up lickety split... He also has a blood test done to test for Coccidioidomycosis, another type of fungal infection common in Southern California. Those results should be back in a week.  Because of his obvious depressed immune system; his surgery, which was first going to be in April; has been pushed back to mid-May.   It's a bummer.   It also means no dogs parks for him... it's just more important to make sure he stays healthy.  Good news, he's getting lots of good food, priobiotics and coconut oil to boost his immune system.

Ringworm generally isn't contagious to other dogs with healthy immune systems (and Coccidioimycosis, isn't at all), just some keeping bedding washed, a few baths just to be on the safe side for the other dogs and it's no problem. 

We also have guest Skittles, a former foster of mine until Sunday.  I was hoping that Mulder's playful spirit would encourage Skittles to play..but no luck so far, though Skittles doesn't mind hanging out.  They were really getting into the synchronized head movement here.. :)

But that being said... We are getting a new foster puppy!  Skittles mom will be bringing him when she picks up Skittles and I think it would be great for Mulder.  Keeping with the X-files theme, I got going and the S names...welcome Skinner!  He looks like a doll!  He's about 6 month old i think, similar coloring to Mulder with shorter legs. 

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