Friday, April 24, 2015

Cuteness of Skinner

He may be a little hand shy, mostly fear I think about being picked up or grabbed...but once on blanket, he's all about the belly rubs.  He's pretty cute!  He's can jump up on my bed if he needs to, but he also has found the doggie stairs that I have for Sasha and uses them on a regular basis too.. good for him!

We are working on the house training and he's doing pretty good.  No marking in the house which is great.  Him and Skinner are getting along and playing some chase with each other... He really likes shaking toys, killing squeakers and loves the bull horn to get his chew on. 

He's trying to befriend Sasha. Yesterday I saw him lay in front of her and give her chin a gentle little lick... I think she tried to play chase with him, but she was growly and it scared him off... It's kind of fascinating. 

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