Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scully's vet trip

Scully had to go to the vet for a icky ear and a microchip yesterday... While nervous; she was friendly and handled the ear check with no issues (daily ear drops for her).. Now the chip and an antibiotic injection was another matter... She can be loud when she wants too as we and everyone else found out.. Poor thing... It hurt her and she let us know, but it was over fast enough and she was back to tail wags and kisses...

 She was so content in the scale; they let her have the vet visit in it... She's a whopping 8.1 lbs!

 Time for snuggles and rest... We will have to show her that leaving the house doesn't always mean vet visits!
Her appetite came up today and we saw her eat her first real meal without being nervous about it... She's does great in the crate at night and today meet the cat and was interested with her tail a wagging... She's just a sweet little thing - all about the snuggles and being part of the family...

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