Saturday, March 28, 2015

Foster Buddies

Such cute little sleepers... Scully likes to curl up next to you for a snooze...whereas Mulder will just sleep crazy wherever he is...he likes sleeping next to you too but with Scully and my dog Sasha; that spot isn't always available.  I think his bad leg bothers him and he's a bit of a restless sleeper and has some trouble getting comfortable.

Mulder and Scully get along great and I've noticed as Scullys ear infection gets better; she is more engaging in play with him; rather than he just pestering her... And he loves to snuggle with her...

Scully got to go to my friends house for a visit with cats, kids and baby chickens!  She was good with everyone.. not bothered by the cats;  interested in the kids and wanting attention and good with the chicks too.. she did want to lick them, but not really in a "taste test kind of way" :) 
 They are working on their house training and Mulder is getting it pretty well.  Scully is not far behind but sometimes needs a little convincing to go outside.  Oh.. and she is a spinner!  She gets excited and does little spins and if you say SPIN, she know it and will spin for you... Super duper cute! 

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