Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dog Day Afternoon

We have a new off leash park in town so we decided to take the girls and check it out... Selma was ready to go; Sadie more hesitant of the two..

The bigger dogs were scary to Sadie, especially with more than 1 at a time... We took Sadie off to the edge of the park where she could get more space and she did better.  She even greeted a few dogs.  She definitely prefers dogs more her size.  And she really loved a little boy and let him pick her up...

Selma did better... she was a little vocal coming into the park cause she was excited, but once in there, she quieted down and ran around checking out all the dogs... oh and the people... I think she meet every person at least once with her little wiggle butt... She kept jumping on a little boy and that will be something that needs to be worked on but she was just so excited.  She has really good dog manners... When a scuffle broke out with some dogs, she stayed out of the way too...

It was a good visits and the pups got some chew for the ride home... Selma will be heading home this coming Saturday too!

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