Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm Adopted

Well it couldn't have happened to a sweeter little dog... Scully has found herself a home already.   She's heading to the westside this weekend to start her life with her family that includes a few kitties!  They have gotten her signed up for doggie school already and I know she's gonna be a superstar.    I'm gonna miss this cuddlebug and I know Mulder will miss her too but such good things in store for her, I couldn't be happier!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday afternoon at the dog park

We have a new dog park closer to my home and it's great to have it so close.  It's new and has some work to be done still, so it's just going to get better and better.  The people and dogs alike have been great too.  So off Mulder and Scully went....

Mulder was great, immediatly met all the dogs and people alike.. he just flitted to one dog to the next and play play play.  Scully took a little longer to warm up; though she checked out each person there to get pets... a little growling when dogs got too close and wanting her space; it took her about 30 minutes to relax and then she engaged a little Shitzu to play.  She just needs practice and continued outings to build her confidence. 

They had a lot of fun and we had two tired pups that night!


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Foster Buddies

Such cute little sleepers... Scully likes to curl up next to you for a snooze...whereas Mulder will just sleep crazy wherever he is...he likes sleeping next to you too but with Scully and my dog Sasha; that spot isn't always available.  I think his bad leg bothers him and he's a bit of a restless sleeper and has some trouble getting comfortable.

Mulder and Scully get along great and I've noticed as Scullys ear infection gets better; she is more engaging in play with him; rather than he just pestering her... And he loves to snuggle with her...

Scully got to go to my friends house for a visit with cats, kids and baby chickens!  She was good with everyone.. not bothered by the cats;  interested in the kids and wanting attention and good with the chicks too.. she did want to lick them, but not really in a "taste test kind of way" :) 
 They are working on their house training and Mulder is getting it pretty well.  Scully is not far behind but sometimes needs a little convincing to go outside.  Oh.. and she is a spinner!  She gets excited and does little spins and if you say SPIN, she know it and will spin for you... Super duper cute! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mulder's Vet Visit

Oh Mulder... Off he went to the vet for his neuter surgery on Wed... Also to x-ray his rear right leg which he doesn't use very much...

 He came back this evening doing well but earned himself the cone in record time... He is sore and mellow, but I'm betting he will be back to his normal self in no one... I also have a feeling he's going to be quite the butthead with his cone since he likes being petted so much...

I look forward to him being coneless again cause he is such a lanky legged crazy sleeper...

He too is a sweet little dog; active and liking to play, but very mild-mannered and easy going... He does good in his crate with just little whines as he's settling down and in the morning you can hear his tail whacking on the dog crate as he waits for you to get him out....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scully's vet trip

Scully had to go to the vet for a icky ear and a microchip yesterday... While nervous; she was friendly and handled the ear check with no issues (daily ear drops for her).. Now the chip and an antibiotic injection was another matter... She can be loud when she wants too as we and everyone else found out.. Poor thing... It hurt her and she let us know, but it was over fast enough and she was back to tail wags and kisses...

 She was so content in the scale; they let her have the vet visit in it... She's a whopping 8.1 lbs!

 Time for snuggles and rest... We will have to show her that leaving the house doesn't always mean vet visits!
Her appetite came up today and we saw her eat her first real meal without being nervous about it... She's does great in the crate at night and today meet the cat and was interested with her tail a wagging... She's just a sweet little thing - all about the snuggles and being part of the family...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Scully and Mulder Arrive!

Scully and Mulder are here!  After a transport over the mountains to Yakima (which they did so well in) it was time to get out and get to know us and Sasha...

Intro's went well... Bathtime and nail clipping (Thanks to Cassie) went super though Mulder was squirming during his nail clipping... They explored the house and the Yakima... both figured out Sasha was not into playing with them... so they ran around getting all that transport energy out...

 Mulder is super friendly... wants to play, be petted and get belly rubs... He's got some owies on his nose that are healing and on Wed he is off to the vet for his neuter... boy has some hormones in him, but Scully is good at telling him "back off"... It will be good to get his surgery done.

 Scully, a little smaller of the two... she's more reserved and nervous, but such a cuddle buddy already!  A little nervous about being held, she is learning fast and I expect to see her come out of her shell more and more...

These two both met my neighbors kids, George who is four and Lynsey who is ten this afternoon (no pics)... They did great, enjoying the kids though George didn't like the "eyeball kiss" he got from Mulder!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guess Who's Coming to Town!

Two more foster dogs are arriving this Sunday... Scully and Mulder!  Scully on the left, female and then happy Mulder on the left... Both are around 15 lbs and are good buddies in fostercare down in California so we decided to keep them together while we find them good homes....  They look like they are going to be a lot of fun today and I see maybe happy dog park days in their future while they are here!

Friday, March 13, 2015

More Updates...

Spyro - who is now Gizmo - living in Oregon and loving life with his new family.  He still wakes up in the am greeting his family with his unique howls (which we still remember very fondly).

Spencer and his new buddy Baxter... they may be xtra small and extra big, but they get along great and he's doing super well with his new family.

And baby Skipper with his new BFF Fiona.. he's really not a puppy anymore and his ears are all grown up! 

Feebs - Phoebe;  who used to be Savannah adopted June 2013.  She is doing well and while she doesn't like the cold, she likes to snuggle under the blankets as much as possible.  Her family speaks of her intellegence and loyalty.  She's come a long way under their care being being pretty scared and nervous to a wonderful companion to her family!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Updates on Selma and Sadie

Selma who is now Pippa!  is busy settling into her home in Portland... She's getting to explore her new neighborhood and home...
 She's also showing off her toy gnawing skills to her new people!  She looks right at home!

And here is Sadie in her new digs checking things out... She has a new name too, Seraphina aka Phina.. She got busy right away exploring her new home and getting to meet some people in the neighborhood!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Until we meet again...

Next pictures and vidoes we will be getting of these cuties will be in their new homes with their people... I will miss there energy and playtime (Sasha will not) but good wonderful times in store for them!   Tonight we get them ready for their trip and new life tomorrow!

Selma and Sadie Playtime & part 2

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm Adopted!!!

Sweet little Sadie has also found herself a wonderful new home with a lovely couple in Oregon too!  Lots of walks, snuggles and tons of love are in her future!  

She will be heading home on Saturday too, the same day as Selma.   It's sure gonna be an empty house without these gals around doing their thing...  (Sasha will LOVE it!) 

  Lovely sweaters were donated to the the Washington State New Rattitude crew... Just had to try them on ASAP.  How cute are they?  Sasha even got to try one on as a "cape" (she's too fuzzy right now for the bottom strap - that's what we are calling it!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a little Tail chasing...

Both the girls love the tail chaser.... Great way to burn some energy indoors... Sadie was hard to get pictures of, she was moving so fast after the toy.. Selma loves to capture it and play tug... It's a fun toy for both of them...