Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Learning new things!

Spent the weekend over in Seattle.  Our first stop after picking up the girls from an overnight stay with Angela and Skittles was my friends house (girl scout cookie pick up - yummm) on Sunday.    While Selma got busy getting her runs in and checking out the new sights, smells and sounds, Sadie got very focused and got some training lessons in from Isa, my friends daughter.  

Selma is very quick and smart, so it was great to see little Sadie getting her chance to shine!  Selma got to work on a some recall and burn some energy off too!

Selma runs!

 Training time for Sadie...

Great videos of Sadie - she did so great and just took too it right away... Did not get a good video of Selma who did pretty good too, but Sadie was a natural.  Sadie Walking the Plank  
Sadie Walking the Plank 2!

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