Friday, February 6, 2015


.I slacked in my blogging last week; being busy with other things;  but got cute pictures to make up for it... i do i do

Selma and Sadie play ALOT!  it's pretty cute...  once Selma (the only time I've seen) didn't seem to want to play and Sadie barked and barked at her... It was something she was not expecting and frustrating to her and it was surprising to her bark.   

 Sadie does this ALL THE TIME!  Super cute and I've been wanting to get a picture... you are holding her and she wants to look at someone... she doesn't turn her head.  nope.   she just looks at that person upside down... chin scritches encouraged! 

And while Selma is busy annd sometimes pretty squirmy if you want to hold her; when she's tired..she's just the best little snuggle bug in town. 

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