Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vet Trip for Selma

Selma got a small cut on the top of her foot on Friday that required a trip to the vet.. It was definitely more traumatic for us than her... She was excited to see everyone and loved meeting all the new people!

 The exam table did make her a little nervous and she needed some reassurance, but when the vet came, she was wags again and tried to make out with the vet... She got a small dab of glue for her owie to keep it closed and we were off again...
 She does great in the car and enjoys the doggie car seat where she can see everything and look around at whats going on...

She also loves loves loves the fuzzy donut dog bed from Costco.. She made noises of joy I've never heard from her once she got to snuggling in it... see video.  She is not a fan of the crate and can actually climb right out of the 6 foot tall xpen so we are given her small doses of crating with lots of fun  - the dog bed certainly fits in that category!

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