Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toy Maimer!

Bought some fleece at the holiday fleece sale at JoAnn's... I think Sybil approves of my choices!  (or wants them all!).  Or she might be telling to get busy to making some dog blankets and beds!

She's doing great and has gone back to using the doggie door on her own after about a week of "hey, it's too cold out there, you have to make me and keep me company, if you want me to pee out there". 

 Sybil is such a toy maimer... She loves to make them squeak and then gets busy destuffing them... Since she has arrived, I've been busy picking up lots of stuffing pieces all over the house... I've got a couple of toughie toys that's she's been busy chewing on but hasn't managed to completely destroy, though she's working hard of them!  But the little basic stuffed animals with the squeakers.. that's just easy and fun for her!

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