Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Silly Sybil Faces

Sybil is getting more and more comfortable... While she is not a fan of cats and thinks they are great things to chase, she loves my neighbors kids and likes getting pets from them.  She wants to play with the neighbors dogs, a small terrier and a bigger Italian greyhound, but neither of them were wanting to play :

She's got a cute little face and you can't see it in these photos, but an adorable nub of a tail that wiggles so cute when she wants something...

She's also great in the crate... She's sleeps in there no problem and waits for you to let her out with just a light whine and of course the wiggle tail that you can hear in her crate... Early this week, I couldn't find her one evening, no where in the house, the yard, anywhere, I was calling her name and she was just no where to be found... Just as panic was setting in, i heard her small whine and where did I find her?  Stuck in the linen closet where I must have accidentally shut her in!  She was just sitting in there, poor thing, waiting for me to let her out!

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