Sunday, November 2, 2014

Foster Updates

 He is busy getting to know his new people and fur-siblings.. and so far, everything has been great and he has settled in fine... He sure has a BIG brother in Baxter!

Next picture, I want to see Spencer snuggling in between these two!!!

 Skipper too has settled in with his Yakima family - so much so he has both ears completely up and look at them... huge!!!  Him and fur-sister look like they were enjoying Halloween!

He is now Max and after a scary medical issue, it's good to see him recovered and doing well.  He even got to go on an airplane and show off his cute self at the airport.... So glad to see him looking good and growing up with his family!

Sidney   Adopted in January of last year and now Aela, her family also adopted Neon, now Rowan... When their parents got married, they got to be flower girls!  Wow, they are no longer puppies!  Lucky girls and what a great day they got to be part of!  Congrats to all of you!

Saul  Adopted in 2011, here he is, happy that the UPS left a package... happier still that the UPS man is gone!  

Love my foster updates!  Sorry I missed a few but I do love getting them and seeing once down on their luck dogs, getting the lives they deserve! 

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