Friday, November 28, 2014

Clothes Time!

So I obviously have too much time on my hands... It was chilly so I pulled out the dog pj's and let Sybil give them a whirl... She didn't miss a beat at all and seemed quite cozy!  I thought she looked downright adorable! 

She's doing well.. still working on the potty training.. She really doesn't like the cold and so she will let me know by going to the doggie door, but won't use the doggie door... so we go out together and it's all fine.. Maybe she just likes the company!

She is really good with kids and people... She likes meeting all kind of new people and likes free pets!  I have found though that she's not too cat friendly...she does okay when they don't move, but when they run... Then it's chase time!  So a no kitty cat household for her I think...

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