Thursday, October 9, 2014


Spencer is such a cuddle bug.. He likes to get right up next to you for a nap... If you try to move him - he gets all dead-weight and tries to stay in place; while pretending to still be asleep.. Boy just likes to get cuddle on!

He also is a fan of when Cassie's has a pony tail!  OMG - he thinks it a great tug toy and I've had to pull his paws, snout out, he gets all tangled up.  He likes to stalk Cassie's pony tail and attack it.  It's one of those things where we are all laughing but it's not exactly a comfortable thing for Cassie either, so it's a no, no :(

He's sooo glad to be out of the cone and even the last little bandage on his foot is off... I'm sure he feels much better.  Still a little nervous to be held, not his favorite thing - he is coming around to the neck scritches and belly rubs. 

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