Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Updates on Tucker, Sylvia and Skipper!

Skipper is loving his new family and his little sister Fiona too... He instantly got ear envy from her and has been holding one ear up pretty constantly and they think the second ear is going to follow soon.  Way to go little man!

Tucker, who was adopted in 2011 and also living in Yakima just recently sent me some pictures and an update.. He's doing great, gets to go camping and enjoys chasing chipmunks!  They just celebrated his 5th birthday!  I love this picture below because he was very wary of men and his new dad when first adopted, but you can see, he's not scared at all now!

Last but not least is little Rue (formally Sylvia) adopted this June continues to make progress with her mom Renae... It's been two months and now Rue is jumping up into her mom's lap regularly for snuggles.  She has a favorite sun spot and has to taken to stealing her mom's garden gloves whenever she can!  She has taken a couple trips into town with great success and will be heading to the beach next week.... What fun for her!  I love hearing her progress and how she is continuing to come out of her shell and being more playful.

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