Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Dreaded Cone

So Stu had a rough day so I gave him a little reward via yogurt... He enjoyed it very much as you can tell by the video!!!

But then it was back into the dreaded CONE... he's not healing as well as he should from his neuter so he had to go to the vet; antibiotics and the cone so he get onto healing!

He was sad about the cone this weekend and also kind of butt head just ramming into you, the wall, that whatever... He can come inside via the doggie door, but can't seem to go outside with it, but he comes and let's you know, so that's nice... And he gets a doorman...who wouldn't like that?  He's coming around though and thinks neck scratches are the best and is giving kisses once again.. He just needed to pout about it for a day or two. 

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