Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stu Plays while Spencer Sleeps

Spencer's appetite has really improved... When he first came, he ate really slow, easily scared away from his food and just unsure at getting a dish of food... Pretty common with some of the foster dogs when they first come and always a little heart breaking.. But after his surgery and no food for almost 24 hours - he's was super hungry and dug right in - not crazy, but normal and now that has seemed to kick in and he is able to relax and settle and eat a meal. 

Spencer grabbing a snooze while practically sitting up...

So since Spencer is on light play duty, Cassie took Stu over again to play with Honey.  They love each other and he isn't scared of her a bit... He's kind of even bossy, letting Honey know when he has had enough or needs a break. 

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