Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Pals!

Stu got a break from the cone and we went over to my friends yard to hang out and let the dogs and the kids play on just a nice summer evening... Stu had so much fun he didn't what or who to play with... Two little boys to chase and throw balls for him... Roxie a little white scruffy terrier to chase and try to get the ball from - or Howie, the italian greyhound who he just really seemed to dig. :)

We had Stu on a long line so he could play and get his run on (and he did) and Stu came home a tired but happy pup.  We look forward to more fun times with these guys! :)

 Stu hanging out with Sean and George - resting up before the next game of chase!

sometimes running by yourself is fun too!
don't mind me!

hey!  she's touching me!
my favorite picture - can his mouth get any bigger?  he's getting ready to take that ball!
a little dance at sunset!

nothing like a new friend to help you watch the going ons in the neighborhood

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