Saturday, September 20, 2014

And Then Came Spencer...

Spencer arrived today with the help of NR volunteer Alex and his NR alum Corwin!  While a little nervous at all the newness, he found a buddy in Stu to sniff, pee and play with... What more could a boy want?

A walk in Cle Elum shows he's new to the leash with his crazy hop spins and then bite the leash antics and also occasionally trying to roll the leash off.  Then Stu found himself some horse poop to roll in and even grabbed a tasty snack of it before being pulled away from all that goodness... So both boys got a bath when we got home...
 New experience for my dad walking Stu who was trying to convince him that he just HAD to pee on everything if not once, then twice.. :)
 While both boys did great getting their bath (Stu seems to be getting the hang of "bath time") - what they loved was promptly finding some good stuff in the backyard to roll in (sigh)

Cassie's happy... two dogs she can hold together!

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