Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome Mr. Stu Pickles!

New foster Stu arrive today thanks to fellow NR Alex who help transport him to the eastside.  He is such a sweetie... not missing a beat, full of tail to body wags, kisses and snuggles... He was instantly enamored of my dog Sasha and just follows her waiting for some love back (keep waiting Mr. Stu... ) and

He's a bigger dog than I've had this year, maybe 15lbs (haven't weighed him yet), got himself a big of an underbite and is not a fan of the water in the bath, but seemed to enjoy the massage that came with it!

His name in California was Pickles which I thought was so cute so I named him Stu - for Stu Pickles, a dad from the Rugrats show and keeping with the S names... It fits him I think!  See the resemblance?


  1. Stu is super cute, but I have to ask - did the black spots on his back wash off in his bath? You can see them so clearly on him standing up but not so much on the other photo. Love his intelligence - getting that treat and staking out a hiding place to enjoy it. Your blog and accompanying photos are wonderful - thank you!

    Laura D.
    GA New Rattitude volunteer

    1. good eyes! That's was another dog! Sorry abou tthat!

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