Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Sweet Sandy who was adopted this February is doing great - here she got to sit on her daddy's lap while he was at work!  She was just a sweetheart at work and everyone loved her (who wouldn't huh). 

Sheriff (now Max), the puppy just adopted in May, wasn't feeling well and his family took him to the vet and it turns out he needed surgery!  He's doing great now and he quit pouting once he got out of the cone!  He's parent say they had lots of trouble keeping him mellow and calm following his surgery he so quickly recovered...  I'm so glad his new family was there to take care of him and see so quickly that he wasn't feeling well and get him the help he needed.. He sure is a lucky boy!

Sylvia, now Rue, is continuing to do well in her new home with Renae... Rue will go to the cabinet where her food is kept and spin in front of it to let her mom know it's dinner time!  She's loving all the hiking and she, after 3 weeks, let her mom see her rattie runs!  Way to go! 

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