Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Adopted!

Sweet little Sylvia has found herself the perfect home after 3 months of foster care in New Rattitude... She's off tomorrow to start her life with her wonderful mom and two cat siblings!  She has a huge yard to play in and a fenced garden (to not play in)... Her wonderful mom is ready to transition Sylvia into her home and make it as easy on her as possible.  We know the transition will be scary for her but I know, in no time, she will loosen up and realize she is home and it's a good thing!

It was a privilege to have Sylvia in my home and watch her slowly relax and become less fearful over the months... I am going to miss this Silly Billy and her antics but I look forward to hearing all about her new adventures!  Best Wishes Sylvia - hang tight! 

I am also on break until after RattieFest, July 27th!  See you all there!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silly Billy

Cassie's nickname for Sylvia is "silly billy" - why, I don't know, but I even call her that from time to time... She is a little silly... The pictures below show what 3 months in a safe environment with trusting people will do...  It is amazing to see how far she has come and the unique relationship she has with Cassie...  All the dogs love to play with Cassie, I think they figure out fast she is just fun, plus she will get down on their level too which I think goes miles in helping...

can she be anymore relaxed!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dollar Bills Ya'All!

Look at Ms Innocent here... She sure is cute!  She has finally decided my neighbor is good people and now will sit in her lap and get pets!  It took awhile but she got there!  The picture below on the right is when she stayed overnight at Kimberlee's house!  It's a busy house, with a dog, cats and kids and she did well staying on the couch and then venturing out on the floor during the calm periods!  She sure has come a long way! 

Sylvia tried her best to eat some money!  She's got a bit of a paper fetish but this she grabbed out of my purse when it was sticking out a bit... Luckily I found the other piece and no harm done but she reminded me to keep my money tucked away!  She's just got expensive paper taste!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making Friends!

So not great pictures, but Sylvia finally played with Roxie, the neighbor dog... She did rattie runs showing off how fast she was and then quick rolls in front of her... Roxie didn't know what to think at first, she had given up on trying to play with her, but after a bit they did some running around together.  I didn't have my camera and by the time I got it, of course, once blurry pic and the play time was over!  Next time though cause there will be a next time!  

Sylvia just checking in with me