Monday, May 19, 2014

WORMS are da' Bomb!

Sylvia smells something wonderful in the air... what could it be?

 Yep, she found a dried out dead worm...   It deserves some closer attention... and a chew (or three) for taste testing purposes and to really get the fragrance going...
 Then it's ROLL TIME!  It was the routine I got the privileged of watching for the next 1/2 hour.. chew it, spit it out, roll on it and REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT
 Then it was Sasha's turn... no need to chewing on her part, she just really got into the rolling.. I don't love the rolling on worms business she seems to enjoy but I just love seeing my 12 year old girl finding joy and being silly even though it freaked out Sylvia a bit...

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