Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Updates (Stella, Sheriff, Saul and Sandy)

Stella, now Margo was adopted this past December... She is living in Yakima and has settled into her home and routine and is doing wonderfully!
 Look at that sweet girl with her sibling Bear... They are quite the pair, tearing around the house and the yard playing chase. 

Sheriff, now Max, just adopted last month and is also enjoying his new home and family... He's got human siblings to keep him busy and run his puppy energy out!  He's going to have a great life! 

And sweet handome Saul who was adopted  in 2011 is living the good life with his mom and trying to look innocent to his digging ways! (I totally believe him, don't you?!)

And Sandy who was adopted in February.  She is living down in Portland , doing super and getting to play with new friends at the local dog park! 

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