Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Adopted Says Sheriff!


Sheriff found himself a wonderful family with two human siblings that are going to be lots of fun for him to play with!   He got to meet them on Monday while I was over in Seattle and then got to go home to his new famiy on Friday.  I hear they are settling towards the name Max for him.  I'm sure Sylvia will miss her snuggle buddy but probably not miss the daily pouncing and ear gnawings!  We miss him and his sweet self but know he's got a good life in store for him!  

 Look at gravity helping with those ears!

 Sheriff tried so hard to figure out how to get into this orange!  He got some tooth marks, but just couldn't get past the rind... Was fun to watch him try tough!  I think he would have gotten it eventually, but a toy ended up being more fun to play with!

  It was a busy week with me traveling so more posts of Sheriff and Sylvia's adventures to follow now that we are all back home!!

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