Monday, April 14, 2014

Enjoying Oranges and Modeling!

Sylvia too got to try out an orange, but she just wanted to hide it. (though she loves herself some clementine orange slices).

She did well in the hotel but had trouble managing the stairs... Somehow, Cassie in the one day she was there, showed her how to do it and then she was a stairmaster! (I think it helped that we had her leashed to Sheriff so she could follow him, be tugged but not be pulled up by him)... Way to go Sylvia!

 A wonderful person donated some coats to us so I had Sheriff try out his modeling skills.. FIERCE!  I tried putting it on Sylvia but Sheriff would just try to eat it and pull it off of her... So her pictures will be coming :)

No more pictures of Sheriff but I know is having a blast with his new family and putting the "pink coat" incident behind him!

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