Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play Date with a New Friend

My neighbor friend just brought home a cute little terrier mix named Roxie to join her family a couple days ago... Sandy come over a visit to meet this new little one!

 It wasn't play at first sight, but after an hour or so, we did finally get some play, though both were kind of spazzy about it... short bursts of play and then ignore each other, then play stance, ignore it , repeat repeat...
 I put Roxie's new coat on Sandy to see if that would help! not really, it was just adorable!  Sandy doens't mind clothes a bit....
 A few more "dates" and I'm sure they will have their "play style" figure out...Roxie is new in her family too, so she's still settling.   When they got going, it was really cute and active, very busy... Sandy's tail got to "helicoptering", it wags, but rather than just back and forth, it also starts going in big circles. They both enjoyed themselves as their nerves settled. 

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