Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forgetful Sylvia

Sylvia is still pretty shy and timid, but she's into tail wagging and slinking to us for kisses on a daily basis and she's starting to come around ever so slowly...
 Last night she even forgot to be so nervous and found a toy to nibble on! It was great to see her relax and get a bit of her play on... She also lets her guard down outside and likes to run around and explore too... It's heartbreaking to see her nerves get to her in new things, but well show her the positives of being in a house and that people are worth her trust :)
 Turns out, she's a fan of this elephant and the squeaker in the foot!  Way to go Sylvia!
She's potty trained as long as you take her out and she's starting to come in from outside on her own...

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