Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another trip to the Pet Store!

Another trip to the big pet store for socialization.  Sandy did super!  She walked right in without hesitation and got her sniff on.  While her tail remained low, she was interested and engaged in checking things out.

There were lots of dogs there and Sandy sure wanted to meet them!  They were busy training so no meets for her, but good practice for them to learn to walk on by!  She whined at them but they were focused on what they had to do...

 So we took her to see the cats through the window... awww...no greets for her there either!  However, she meet lots of kids and they were all so good.  They all asked if they could pet her and while nervous at first couple, she got to enjoying the pets and attention by the end of the trip.
 She did not enjoy the bride veil I found however (they actually had dog wedding dresses and veils),
 though I think she looked adorable!
A good trip for little Sandy... she'll be master of the pet store trips in no time!

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