Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Day In the Life...

Sylvia is pretty cute... Her favorite spot in the living room is curled up by a blanket where she can see all that is going around, but can burrow herself into if she feels the need... 
 She's not learned the doggie door yet and doesn't really like coming onto the tile, but with enough patience (and promises of treats), she'll brave it to come back inside and get a tasty snack... It's all about patience and letting her get comfortable...Tonight I got her to come into the dining room and tile by throwing tasty treats on the floor... small steps but it's in the right direction!
 Her and Sasha are becoming "let's go monitor the outside" buddies... I'm waiting for the day that Sylvia follows her outside... We will take her out for potties, but she is starting to perk up when Sasha makes one her many "rounds" of the backyard.  One outside though, after potting,  she runs around and follows Sasha to check all the corners before they both head back inside!


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