Friday, February 28, 2014

The ears say....

She has expressive ears... They are busy things letting me know how she is feeling... They do amazing twists and turns and they have been interesting to watch as she settles into her newest foster home...You can tell how comfortable she is by how low they go to her head and when she's listening to things, they twitch, twist and turn... I've never seen them all the way up, i think she has those "button ears" but we will see...

Ears down.. not sure what I'm wanting from her...

 relaxing...oh it's that retangle thing again... kind of boring...

why you making silly noises at me?

What is this thing in my face!  Can I eat it? 

She is super curious about things, but needs to feel super safe for that curiosity to come out and lucky us, she isn't bothered by the camera at all...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Day In the Life...

Sylvia is pretty cute... Her favorite spot in the living room is curled up by a blanket where she can see all that is going around, but can burrow herself into if she feels the need... 
 She's not learned the doggie door yet and doesn't really like coming onto the tile, but with enough patience (and promises of treats), she'll brave it to come back inside and get a tasty snack... It's all about patience and letting her get comfortable...Tonight I got her to come into the dining room and tile by throwing tasty treats on the floor... small steps but it's in the right direction!
 Her and Sasha are becoming "let's go monitor the outside" buddies... I'm waiting for the day that Sylvia follows her outside... We will take her out for potties, but she is starting to perk up when Sasha makes one her many "rounds" of the backyard.  One outside though, after potting,  she runs around and follows Sasha to check all the corners before they both head back inside!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forgetful Sylvia

Sylvia is still pretty shy and timid, but she's into tail wagging and slinking to us for kisses on a daily basis and she's starting to come around ever so slowly...
 Last night she even forgot to be so nervous and found a toy to nibble on! It was great to see her relax and get a bit of her play on... She also lets her guard down outside and likes to run around and explore too... It's heartbreaking to see her nerves get to her in new things, but well show her the positives of being in a house and that people are worth her trust :)
 Turns out, she's a fan of this elephant and the squeaker in the foot!  Way to go Sylvia!
She's potty trained as long as you take her out and she's starting to come in from outside on her own...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Sylvia!

Little, 8 lb, 6 month old Sylvia has arrived!  She was fostered for a week by another foster parent who took super good care of her and got to know her a bit.  I'm sure the transition to my house was scary too, but we have been giving her time to settle in at her pace...  She has super great spots, both big and a bunch of tiny ones too.. she's super soft and likes to give kisses and snuggle!   She's a little slinky in that she is nervous but will stretch out and slowly slink to me to get some cuddles. Goal:  to see those ears and tail come up!

Look at this ADORABLE picture that Carol got of her... such a cutie with those ears!  Come see some pictures that Carol too of too at:  Sylvia!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Adopted!

Who got the best early Valentine's Day present this year?  Sandy!  She's gotten herself adopted to a wonderful family in Portland Oregon.  She's going to have an older Pug as a fur-sibling and a cat to try to make friends with.  They live close to a dog park so Sandy will be a frequent visitor! 

She's heading home on Saturday and best wishes to her and her people!  She's an amazing dog and I'm sure she will be lots of love and laughter to them!

Until then...

Her is what Sandy thinks of Valentine's roses...

Sniff them

Taste Them

Decide they don't taste good so ignore them...


 Sandy is used to the snow already and enjoyed some sniffing of the snow at the neighbors...

 Both Roxie and Sandy have had enough snow, they want back inside where it's warm and cozy!  
Can't say I blame them!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another trip to the Pet Store!

Another trip to the big pet store for socialization.  Sandy did super!  She walked right in without hesitation and got her sniff on.  While her tail remained low, she was interested and engaged in checking things out.

There were lots of dogs there and Sandy sure wanted to meet them!  They were busy training so no meets for her, but good practice for them to learn to walk on by!  She whined at them but they were focused on what they had to do...

 So we took her to see the cats through the window... greets for her there either!  However, she meet lots of kids and they were all so good.  They all asked if they could pet her and while nervous at first couple, she got to enjoying the pets and attention by the end of the trip.
 She did not enjoy the bride veil I found however (they actually had dog wedding dresses and veils),
 though I think she looked adorable!
A good trip for little Sandy... she'll be master of the pet store trips in no time!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Learning to enjoy the snow!

Well Sandy sure got over the scary snow (or "terrorflakes", another foster mom called it) in a hurry... In two days, she has found she can run and jump all through it and has herself a good time!  Then  she gets to come inside and cuddle in a warm blanket... I'm sure her favorite part!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play Date with a New Friend

My neighbor friend just brought home a cute little terrier mix named Roxie to join her family a couple days ago... Sandy come over a visit to meet this new little one!

 It wasn't play at first sight, but after an hour or so, we did finally get some play, though both were kind of spazzy about it... short bursts of play and then ignore each other, then play stance, ignore it , repeat repeat...
 I put Roxie's new coat on Sandy to see if that would help! not really, it was just adorable!  Sandy doens't mind clothes a bit....
 A few more "dates" and I'm sure they will have their "play style" figure out...Roxie is new in her family too, so she's still settling.   When they got going, it was really cute and active, very busy... Sandy's tail got to "helicoptering", it wags, but rather than just back and forth, it also starts going in big circles. They both enjoyed themselves as their nerves settled. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Play!

Sandy is from California... she's used to a warmer climate and while she's had no problems going outside to potty in our colder weather... Going outside for a play was a different matter...

 If I hide behind the owl, maybe I can't get away from this snow!

My paws are cold, I have snow on my head... NO FUN!

 Hold me, love me, warm my paws!  Get me out of here!
 So, she's not a fan of the snow as of today, but I hear there is more snow to come, so we will see if we can change her mind!

Friday, February 7, 2014


How Sandy tried to resist the sleep... But it was too warm and cozy for her!
My favorite picture... Mostly ears!
I'm not sleepy! Just warming my nose!

wide awake!

my neck is tired... i'm just resting it...


that wasn't a yawn, just cleaning my nose

i just going to rest my neck so more...