Sunday, January 5, 2014

Going to the pet store!

Took Sandy to a bigger pet store Saturday.  She was nervous about where we were going and wasn't quite sure she wanted to go in the store, but once in the store, she was a happy, curious little sniffer.

 YUMMY treats, may I have another if I sit pretty?

 She wanted to meet everyone, sniff everything, see everything.. We went to leave and she didn't want to go!

 But then she found this tree and bark area, with I'm sure hundred of smells on it and was once again 
in her sniffing zone...

  AWWW, time to go home (but if you look closely, you will see she scored a tasty bone for the ride home)
and when we got home... Apple treats... she wasn't sure of them at first but she got pretty excited about them before long. 

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