Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

Sandy at the dog park video <----   The whining you hear is Sasha who wanted in on the chasing!

Took Sasha and Sandy to the dog park yesterday... Met a nice man with 3 dogs... Oh boy, everyone had fun!   Sasha snarked a couple of times and tried to be a fun sponge, but everyone was having to much fun to be worried about her and she got into the chasing too, though she's a little slower than the youngins
 Sandy has good dog manner and so did her new friends... They hung out, chased, sniffed together and peed together!  I was glad that I put the orange dog sweater on her so I could spot her!
 Sandy made friends with the puppy and they chased a lot!  If Sandy thought she was going to get caught, she would let out a squeak, at first it worried me, what she hurt?  No, just being a bit of a drama queen.

All and all, it was a great visit, gave some much needed energy blow out for Sandy... We came home with some tired and dusty dogs!

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