Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Shout of to Sasha (And Sandy smelling her feet)

Sasha, 12 years young... She's been with me and Cassie since she was 1 1/2 years and owner surrendered.  She came from a house with a dozen other Pom/Chi mixes, not house trained as they all went potty in the basement and a fanatic for chasing the tennis ball....She's been friend and companion and sometimes I swear Cassie and her act like real siblings... She's on thyroid meds these days, she's getting grey, joints a little achy and her eyes are getting cloudy but she still loves that tennis ball and she's never turned down laying on, or snuggling in my clean clothes...
Sasha's favorite spot, warm clean clothes, she burrowed right in!

it really sucks, she's extra sheddy this winter due to the mild weather...but it warms her bones, so I let her be, I love her.

she spots Sandy...She's telling her with her eyeballs.. my spot!

Sandy found her own spot, and seems to enjoy a snooze while smelling her own feet!

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