Sunday, December 8, 2013


Stella in an extra adorable sleeping position... on my jacket, head on a pillow on the couch.. I was sitting on the flloor right in front of her.. She looked so comfy!  We had just gotten back from an outing and she was tired and it was warm and cozy in the house...

Stella can really sleep hard sometimes... and sometimes she twitches, sometimes she makes little chirpy noises, sometimes we get both and then of course, sometimes nothing... Last night, when I heard a couple deep heavy sighs from her while napping... I brought the video out... it was a twitchy nap!   It's normal for dogs to do this and it looks like REM sleep to me with the eye movement.  It didn't last long and then she was off to stillness dreamland..

 Website about movement and noises in sleeping dogs - movements-and-noises-in-sleeping-dogs-8907

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