Monday, December 23, 2013

Sandy Settles In

 Shy little Sandy is quickly learning that her foster home is warm and cozy and there are lots of good places to nap.. She's not too sure of the sleep sack, and prefers cuddling next to some people...

She is showing to be housetrained.... She whines when she wants outside and goes to the door and we are working on the doggie door... She knows how to come in but not out on her own yet... 

She is curious and will get on her hind legs to check out things... It's pretty cute...  Here, I believe there was a kitty cat in the yard and both her and Sasha were taking turns looking out the door and then coming and telling me about it... 


  1. She is really cute. Love it when they get to a safe place and just let out a sigh of relief and then relax. My Chino slept in my lap every time I sat down for at least a week :)

    1. Exactly! It took a couple of days for her to relax and really settle into a deep sleep on her own but with Cassie, no problem!