Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sandy comes to Yakima!

 Look at that sweet little face!  This is Sandy, my newest foster, brought over the mountains by Julee on Saturday.  She made a long trip up from California and then over Snoqualmie but she is here.  She's sweet even though she is nervous. She's about 7-8 lbs, a little skinny, showing a little housetraining skills and enjoyed her bath!  She's been checking out her new digs and thanks to a donation to New Rattitute, A BUNCH of wonderful new KONG toys to play with!

She is a kisser and jumps to get you to pick her up and is already working her magic on Sasha trying to show her how cute she is and fun to play with.. We will see what Christmas miracle she can bring and if she can get Sasha out of her Grinchy ways and maybe play with her...

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