Sunday, December 29, 2013

Carrots are food!

Who learned today that carrots are yummy?  My Sasha loves raw carrots, but when I would give them to Sandy, she would just spit them out... she didn't know that it was food I think... but she figured it out today and nom nom nom (and on my bed of course - they are more tasty there)

Now she is all energized from her carrots and ready to play!

She also used the doggie door on her own today but not to potty but to follow Sasha who dashed out cause she heard something, but it's a start... and back in is of course no problem. 

After a week of being in my home, she is trusting us and a lot less nervous....She will let me hold her and not be stiff and is starting to ask for pets... She really is a little sweetheart :)

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