Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Google+ Awesome Video

Google made this video for me - called Google + Auto Awesome ...out of my photos that i have uploaded to Google+ Not sure how it decided to pick which pictures or if I should be worried or not that's its making videos for me..but it was fun to watch the video not knowing what it was going to show.  Mostly the puppies Sawyer and Skye, Stella is in there, Sprite, Skittleman and then Sebastian (my first foster) was in the mix.  It was sweet and I do appreciate the Ice Coffee recipe that I took a picture of from a magazine this summer, that is right in the middle of all the dogs pics.. pretty much sums up a great portion of my dailly life.. dogs and coffee...coffee and dogs oh and some more coffee and dogs... so Thanks Google, you are forgiven (but I'm keeping my eye on you!)  Enjoy!

Farewell 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sandy's new BFF

Cat toys seems to the secret pleasure to the dogs in my house... if they can steal one away from the cat, they are in seventh heaven and Sandy is no exception... She has found a little mouse, it makes noise, and she's been carrying it around and playing with it for days now... even napping with him!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Carrots are food!

Who learned today that carrots are yummy?  My Sasha loves raw carrots, but when I would give them to Sandy, she would just spit them out... she didn't know that it was food I think... but she figured it out today and nom nom nom (and on my bed of course - they are more tasty there)

Now she is all energized from her carrots and ready to play!

She also used the doggie door on her own today but not to potty but to follow Sasha who dashed out cause she heard something, but it's a start... and back in is of course no problem. 

After a week of being in my home, she is trusting us and a lot less nervous....She will let me hold her and not be stiff and is starting to ask for pets... She really is a little sweetheart :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Trip Time!

Sandy got to go on an outing today.. She visited worked and met the people... She was nervous, a little timid, but got brave enough to accepted some pets from people.  

 Then we were off to Pet Pantry - our local independent pet store... She got to the meet the workers there and wasn't half as timid and then out came the store dog, Spot and they were immediate BFF's...it was playtime for the both of them.  Too soon it was time to go, but she got to take home a Bully Horn which she has been enjoying all night...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tasty Treats

Sandy is getting into chewing on tasty bones... BUT she gets a little nervous about where to hide them.. this time, she carried it around, whining, trying to find a spot... the spot finally being underneath a couple of pillows to which she sat on and then napped on...   Time will mellow her out on the nervousness of having to hide them I think...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to All

Little Sandy getting into the Christmas spirit with her elf hat!  Her Christmas wish is a family of her very own!

Former foster Scarlett who was adopted and now Lucy with her sister Layla 
- enjoying their Christmas presents!
 Here is Sabrina, now Mina with her family Christmas tree doing great!
 And Skittles dressed up like Santa for the holidays.  
Here is he is foster Dave, one of his favorite people

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sandy Settles In

 Shy little Sandy is quickly learning that her foster home is warm and cozy and there are lots of good places to nap.. She's not too sure of the sleep sack, and prefers cuddling next to some people...

She is showing to be housetrained.... She whines when she wants outside and goes to the door and we are working on the doggie door... She knows how to come in but not out on her own yet... 

She is curious and will get on her hind legs to check out things... It's pretty cute...  Here, I believe there was a kitty cat in the yard and both her and Sasha were taking turns looking out the door and then coming and telling me about it... 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sandy comes to Yakima!

 Look at that sweet little face!  This is Sandy, my newest foster, brought over the mountains by Julee on Saturday.  She made a long trip up from California and then over Snoqualmie but she is here.  She's sweet even though she is nervous. She's about 7-8 lbs, a little skinny, showing a little housetraining skills and enjoyed her bath!  She's been checking out her new digs and thanks to a donation to New Rattitute, A BUNCH of wonderful new KONG toys to play with!

She is a kisser and jumps to get you to pick her up and is already working her magic on Sasha trying to show her how cute she is and fun to play with.. We will see what Christmas miracle she can bring and if she can get Sasha out of her Grinchy ways and maybe play with her...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm Adopted!

So you all knew it had to happen.. but Stella has found her home and wait for it... It's in YAKIMA!!!!  We get to still be neighbors (sorta)... She is going to a couple of wonderful parents and not one dog sibling, but three!  two are her size and shape even!  There is a cat and also some chickens!  She's got to meet her new parents and sibling already and did great.. a little nervous but great!  And her new backyard is big and awesome!  She's going to be one happy little girl and well loved!  and early Happy Christmas to her!

Here she is checking out the Christmas tree with one of her siblings... tail down.. a little nervous, but it's coming up... It's so cute, they are the same size!  His name is Bear.. he is a terrier mix... beautiful eyes! I wish I had gotten more picutres of all of them.. It's an adorable family that Stella is getting!

And too not stay sad for too long.. a new foster will be arriving next weekend... Sandy is a 1 year

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Stella is quite the fan of my daughter Cassie.  Sometimes the foster dogs prefer one over the other, and while she likes me, she is quite enamored with all things Cassie.  Cassie also gets her out of the crate each morning and gives her breakfast and then playtime.. I'm sure that goes a long way but whenever Cassie is gone and then comes back, she is just happy to see Cassie!

Here are some pictures of Stella right after Cassie woke up.. Stella is a happy girl!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Stella in an extra adorable sleeping position... on my jacket, head on a pillow on the couch.. I was sitting on the flloor right in front of her.. She looked so comfy!  We had just gotten back from an outing and she was tired and it was warm and cozy in the house...

Stella can really sleep hard sometimes... and sometimes she twitches, sometimes she makes little chirpy noises, sometimes we get both and then of course, sometimes nothing... Last night, when I heard a couple deep heavy sighs from her while napping... I brought the video out... it was a twitchy nap!   It's normal for dogs to do this and it looks like REM sleep to me with the eye movement.  It didn't last long and then she was off to stillness dreamland..

 Website about movement and noises in sleeping dogs - movements-and-noises-in-sleeping-dogs-8907

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cuddle Buddies

Stella loves a nap and cuddle so when her and Cassie fell asleep together, I had to bring out the camera.  
She was done napping before Cassie and then started to use her hypno eyes to get me to play 

 I couldn't take it anymore, so off we went to play!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stella being Fancy

 Here Stella is suffering the indignity of a hair bow on her ear.   She doesn't like it, but she looks pretty adorable!  Inside, I'm sure she's saying "Thanks for the ear bow Cassie, I'm gorgeous!"
Stella facts:
When you go outside with her, she runs and jumps at the same time, runs away, back to you and away again... Just a happy girl bounding about. 

She also makes cute little noises when she's excited for treats!  She's pretty expressive in personality and voice, though not too much of a barker (though my own little yapper can get her to bark at whatever... it's only a bark, then back to you and or back to exploring!