Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Friends...

I had a friend visit with her daughter who is 8 years old.  Oh my gosh, Stella fell in love with this little girl... It helped that she was playing with her with the tail chaser, but Stella was happy, relaxed and glued to Isa the whole time she was here.  Lots of play time and a happy tired puppy by the end of the day! 

 She's doing well, getting housetrained and using the doggie door like a champ.. She goes in her crate fine, but loves to snuggle by a person.  Sometimes she does some little growls as she settles in her crate to nap, but after that, not a peep out her... She knows how to sit and just loves getting treats.  It's great to see her relaxing and trusting her environment, but if she thinks she's in trouble (she did do a garbage can surf and got busted), she lays on the ground and goes belly up, but she's learning the rules (and testing occasionally) and coming out of her shell!

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