Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All Creatures Big and Small

Well Sunday was a fun night for Stella...

She met a gerbil... She pushed at his ball, sniffed, was interested but not overly so...

Big dogs, Sheriff and Sadie... She was a little worried about them, but again not overly so.. I think she would get use to them in time.  She was nervous at the butt sniffing and her tail was down and curled as far as it could go, but soon she managed a stealth sniff or two when they weren't looking!

She met Molly the cat... Nervous about her (rightfully so) but completely over-reacted when Molly just gave the small hiss.. She yelped and ran for the hills (the cat wasn't even close to her!)

I didn't get pictures but she had another little girl to play with and give kisses too.  She loved on my friend Amber and even gave a kiss or two to her husband.   She was a tired puppy when we got home!

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