Thursday, October 3, 2013

PupCups are GREAT!

Skye got to go to Starbucks, got herself a "pup cup" (tiny bit of whipped cream) and she thought it was the best thing ever!  She also got to try out our seatbelt harness and she did very well in, until she smelled all the good things at the Starbucks window and then she wanted to visit!
MMMM - Good! 

Turns out the Starbucks pup cup is also an awesome play toy... So it's been battered, gnawed on an chased all through the house. This is a video of Cassie, Skye and the PupCup
This video was taking with the new iphone Slo-Mo aspect.. kind of cool... I'll warn you... there are 3 spirit balls that show up in the video (or particles of dust, whatever you want to think) that are kind of weird... it makes some strange noises due to the slowdown but other than that, I think I will be taking more of these videos. 

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  1. Woah that's such an awesome!! I had no idea the new iPhones could do that. Now I kind of want to upgrade from my iPhone4 just so I can film my ratties in slo-mo!