Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sneaky or Sleepy

So Sawyer was doing his FIRST under the covers I thought... When I took a peek - turns out he had found some paper to chew on!  However, even though I took the paper away (no fair), he still stayed snuggled under the blanket for a snooze (could be cause his sister was napping on top of the blanket and HIM, but works for me!)
So since he got caught be naughty - here is a picture of him in a lovely scarf !  
I think he looks dapper!
Skye was all about sleeping on top of her brother yesterday... look at those long legs! 

Both Skye and Sawyer are doing well - all healed up from their speuters, house training is coming along and as long as they have reminders both are doing really well.  They have good appetites and I feel like they have grown quite a bit since last week.   We are starting to see an occasional ear up or two from both of them for a few seconds here and there... very exciting!

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