Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kissies for Skye

Sometimes Cassie just got give kissies to Skye and while Skye is more than happy to lick her face, she's not always in love with the kissing back...but she's cute!

Skye spent the day with a friends dog... It was a long day for the both of them... She spent the first hours very worried about Snickers... barking and such... And Snickers is so nice, wasn't sure what the issue was... after a few hours, she grabbed Snickers leash and tugged her around - but each time  Snickers so much as looked at her, she ran for the hills, scared to pieces.  Neither of them really knew what to make of each other.. Big Dog day was not such a success as in the became life long friends, but the exposure to such a nice dog was good for Skye I think...
Thanks for the visit Snickers! Sorry for all the noise!

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